50 Must-Read Homeschooling Mom Blogs

As a homeschooling mom, you need a lot of support; we all have days where we are frustrated, feel confused, lost or just plain feel like a failure. You are not alone! ALL of us feel like that at some point or another. One form of great support is to interact with other homeschooling moms. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite homeschooling mom blogs. Enjoy!

I love reading the adventures of other homeschooling moms! Below are 50 of my favorites, in no particular order. If your blog was featured here, please grab the following button to add to your site, and let your readers know! Simply copy the code & paste it into your site. 🙂

Homeschooling for Free

HOTM Site Synopsis: Heart of the Matter is more than just a homeschooling site. It is a site dedicated to helping all of us block out the noise, blow away the fluff and get to the “heart of the matter”…the heart of the matter in homeschooling, parenting, marriage, health and most importantly….those things that God considers to be the “heart of the matter.”

Kris is a homeschooling mom from that writes with a great sense of humor. She shares a little bit of everything – homeschooling, faith, weight loss and more. You’ll love reading her posts, I promise! Enter the world of weird, unsocialized homeschoolers and laugh, all while learning about new homeschooling adventures.
Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers
You’ll love all of the great stuff Jolanthe has on her blog! She shares her daily activities, has giveaways, and (perhaps the best part) FREE printables! Get ideas on how to organize your home and classroom, support for your homeschooling journey, ideas for Bible studies and more.
The Homeschool Classroom is actually a collection of homeschooling Moms blogging on one blog, allowing you to get a variety of viewpoints on homeschooling styles, organization and more – all on one site! Whether you’re looking for a way to teach your child responsibility, figure out how to structure your day, or need help organizing everything, the Homeschool Classroom has something for you.
The Homeschool Classroom
All About Homeschool Curriculum is just that: a blog all about homeschool curriculum! So if you’re looking for resources on a certain subject, an entire curriculum, reviews on various options or recommendations for what to use with your kids, this is the blog to go to. You’ll find everything you could possibly need!
At a Glimpse of Our Life, you’ll get just that, a glimpse into this family’s life. Read about Jennifer’s family, her homeschooling days, books they are reading, crafts, sewing and more. Jennifer is a Christian mom that loves to share the joys of her life. She’s also a consultant for Lilla Rose, so if you love pretty hair, check that out while you’re there!
Another uplifting Christian Mom shares her homeschooling stories, discounts on homeschooling supplies and stories about her 6 children. You’ll find lots of tips for new homeschoolers, and plenty of support when you’re having a down day! So go spend some time learning more about Mindy and her family, and enjoy the interesting posts on her blog.
Guiding Light Homeschool provides us with product reviews, service reviews, links to free stuff, healthy living posts and (what we all love!) GIVEAWAYS! Dawn shares what curriculum options have worked for her, and makes recommendations based on her own experiences. I like this, because a lot of blogs will recommend things they never use, just to promote an affiliate link.

Guilt Free Homeschooling is a blog that was created by a mom (Caroline) and her daughter (Jennifer). Their goal is to help other homeschooling families by sharing encouragement, support, tips, and tricks. Their goal is to make our homeschooling lives easier. Caroline homeschooled her children for a total of 11 years, and shares her experiences with her blog readers. It’s quick and easy to find answers to any questions you may have, and don’t forget to stop by their store while you’re there!
Erica grabs your attention right away with her blog’s title: Confessions of a Homeschooler. I don’t know about you, but I when I think of “confession”, it means someone has done something wrong. It’s an interesting twist on words, as so many people believe homeschooling is bad! But don’t worry, you’ll find some wonderful posts on her blog! Erica shares what they’re working on, resources they’re using and even some great mom resources (like a meal planner!)
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Homegrown Learners
You’ll love Mary’s blog! She offers so much for other homeschooling moms – LEGO themed printables, homeschool support, unit lessons, and more. She lists what she’s using for her kids’ curriculum each year, a great help if you need ideas! You’ll even find tips on how to use the curriculum Story of the World. And don’t miss Collage Fridays!
If you are looking for a mom with tons of creativity, this is the blog you need to visit. Laura (of course) does offer homeschooling subjects, but she also has recipes, articles on homesteading, photography and more. Don’t miss her product reviews and giveaways either! Be sure to check out her social profiles so you can stay in touch.
House Of Joyful Noise
Satori Smiles is a glimpse into the lives of an inquisitive young girl and her mother homeschooling and having a blast learning together. A bit of a curriculum addict, Angie photo-blogs their days so people can experience what certain programs and curriculum are like. It’s a great way to find out more about some curricula you may be considering!
Diana’s posts on Starlight offer encouragement both to homeschooling moms and Christian moms. She is uplifting; I really don’t know how else to put it. She lists the books she’s reading, funny things her kids have said (love those!), and just shares her blessed life with her readers. I personally get a lot of inspiration from her, and I know you will too!
Simple Homeschool is a blog written by Sandy. She shares homeschooling tips, resources and support for moms, field trips she’s taken her kids on, ideas for family time and more. I think my favorite section of her blog is the home management section. As a working mom of 5 children, I get overwhelmed sometimes trying to handle everything. Sandy offers great tips that help me manage things around the house better!
From Our Front Porch is where Sherry shares the homeschooling adventures of her family of 6. I think my favorite part of her blog is the homemaking; I, like Sherry, struggle at getting myself organized. I love that she shares the same struggles with us, her readers. I don’t feel so alone in my attempts to run a smooth home!
Alisha is awesome! She shares resources for prayers, topical Bible scriptures, spiritual food, encouragement for your marriage, home and family…this site is just full of encouragement and support, no matter what your walk of life. Add in the tips for living fit and losing weight, and this site is one you won’t want to miss!! For more, like her page on Facebook.
Need encouragement in your homeschooling journey? Jasmine helps you keep everything in perspective on Ponder the Path. As a mom who’s trying to avoid processed foods and eat more all natural food items, I love her Nutrition, Natural Health, and Homestead categories. Make sure you check out her Handmade section; she has a lot of great ideas on things to make!
If you need help deciding what to use for curriculum, come check out what Heather has decided to use for her kids. She offers encouragement for your family life, marriage, parenting and fitness as well as homeschooling. Read her product reviews and enter in her giveaways! And don’t miss out on her blog series!
All Things with Purpose actually has 2 moms blogging different topics: Sarah and Julia. Here you’ll find craft ideas, including projects organized by holidays. These women also share their favorite recipes (and they look really yummy!) Check out their printables, ranging from holiday decor to behavior charts. Sarah & Julia also share their favorite resources for homeschool.
All Things with Purpose
Joanie does home making, baby raising and homeschooling the simple way! If you knew me, you’d know that while I try my best to keep my home and organized, well oiled machine, I am not always successful. I love blogs that offer tips, advice and “how-to” on all things homemaking, whether it’s organization or planning help. In addition to homeschooling, you’ll find great recipes and articles on Motherhood on Joanie’s blog.
I love the Potter’s Hand Academy! Kristi shares her favorite resources, experiences and personal stories to offer other homeschooling moms support and encouragement. If you have a large family, as I do, you’ll get ideas and tips for handling all of your homeschooling needs. This advice is perfect for any mom, but it’s absolutely wonderful for those with more than a few kids!
Get to know Kristen, over at Teaching Stars! Follow her family’s journey through homeschooling, and get to know her & her daughters. Read about the activities Kristen uses in her school and get ideas for your own. She lists everything she is, and has been, using for curriculum. You’ll also find some product reviews and giveaways, so watch for the opportunities to win free stuff!
Come learn more about Jenn, the homeschooling mom of 4 kids in California. You can also learn more about how to legally homeschool in California, so you California Moms definitely go visit this blog! For the rest of you, you’ll love her posts about her family. You never know what they do next!
Project Based Homeschooling is an awesome website, filled with ideas on how to raise self-directed learners. Learn to combine your children’s (and even your own!) interests with some learning using fun activities that your children will love! They even have a section for adults to start learning through projects. Don’t forget to check out their book, Project-Based Homeschooling – the Book.
Kelli has a little bit of everything on her blog, 3 boys and a dog. You’ll find fun and helpful resources & tips for traveling, homemaking, lifestyle, whole body fitness, money saving, parenting, blogging, and of course homeschooling. That just barely skims the surface of what you’ll find. Keep an eye on the clock, as you can easily lose track of time browsing this site.
3 Boys and a Dog: Homemaking & Parenting Tips for Busy Folks
On 1+1+1=1, Carisa shares so much valuable information. You’ll find free printables that are divided by age level as well as category. Learn what sensory bins are, and how you can use them in your homeschool. Of course, the homeschooling section of the blog is jam packed with resources that you’ll love: her curriculum choices and recommendations, and even ideas on how to store everything in an organized manner.
Delightful Learning
Michelle shares her curriculum that she uses each school year and offers a lot of great ideas that other homeschooling moms can use in their own homes. I love her preschool ideas for the alphabet themed unit studies. If you use 5 in a Row, you’ll find tons of resources that you can use. And don’t overlook her nature study section!
Follow Maureen’s journey through homeschooling on her blog, Spell Out Loud. But it doesn’t end with her own journey; she also includes posts reviewing popular homeschooling resources, craft ideas, worksheets and Notebooking pages. Maureen is also a Young Living Independent Distributor, so check out that section if you’re interested in essential oils.
Treasures Unseen is full of treasures that you just have to see! It’s hard to describe what you’ll find on Melanie’s blog. She shares healthy recipes, menu planners, tips for getting organized and advice for becoming healthy and fit. Read her homeschooling posts to learn how another mom does it all. You’ll find some great tips that you can use with your kids!
You’ll love Monique’s blog! Enter in her giveaways to win some great stuff! Find out if specific curriculum choices are right for your kids by reading her product reviews. Monique shares homeschooling tips, recipes, food ideas, planning tools and the curriculum that she’s using with her family. Don’t miss her weekly reviews to see what’s working and what she’s had to change in her homeschool.
Learn how to make homeschooling fun with these awesome school style games. Meg, from Homeschool Gameschool has tons of free games that you can use to make learning fun for your kids. She also has a lot of hands-on activities that you can use in your daily routine. Encourage your kids to learn by having fun, and you’ll have some lifelong learners on your hands!
Kick back and spend some time with the Crib Chick. She talks about a little bit of everything in her life, keeping things real for her readers. Get used to looking at things with a new perspective when you visit the Crib Chick.
A treehouse is so cozy, and Dewey’s treehouse is no different. Come join this family of homeschooling squirrels and see what fun things they’re doing in their homeschool. Learn more about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of homeschooling, and even learn how to crochet!
BWS tips button
Sarah shares things she & her family have made on Handmade Homeschool. Her goal is to bring the “DIY explosion of energy to homeschooling: make what you want, make it fit, make it yours.” So visit her blog for homeschooling articles and homemade gift ideas.
Sherry believes that books are a necessity! Come to the semicolon blog to find book reviews, book lists, and even the top 107 movies. If you want something interesting, check out her “Reading Through Africa” section. She also gives readers a sneak peek into her daily homeschooling life.
If you’re looking for a complete curriculum, you’ll find it here. Lee has meticulously listed the exact curriculum that she used with her children, so other homeschooling moms can use it for free. Save yourself a lot of planning time by browsing through what is offered on this blog. The blog itself offers a lot of helpful tips for homeschooling moms of all ages.
Easy Peasy
Loving life at Home is a blog that helps you do exactly that: Love life at your Home. It is a lot easier to homeschool our children when your family life is in harmony. Jennifer has tons of articles that offer biblical tips on how to keep your marriage alive, how to pray for your husband, general prayer tips, parenting tips and simple overall inspiration.
Are you homeschooling a disabled child? Keep sane with Linda on her 5 Kids with Disabilities blog. Come read about Linda’s life, and share with her triumphs and joys. Read about the “disabilities” she has had to struggle with throughout her children’s lives, and use these stories to help you out in your life.
The Homeschool Village offers daily encouragement to homeschooling families. There are more than 20 homeschooling moms that write for the blog, whose goal is to bridge homeschool families through God’s word. I love that you get encouragement from an entire group of moms, which can sometimes help more than just one.
On the One House School Room, Jenn offers tips and encouragement for homeschooling moms. I love how she organized her room as well. You can view the content on Jenn’s blog by browsing the rooms: the porch, family room, kitchen, study, craft corner, laundry, playroom and the schoolroom. I don’t know which room is my favorite, but one of them is the craft corner, as I love doing crafts!
One House Schoolroom
Mama to 5 Blessings
Mama to 5 Blessings is close to my heart, as I am also a Mommy to 5 wonderful blessings. Nicole has tips for parenting, frugal living and homeschooling, crafts, recipes, travel and more. Make sure you check out her giveaway section so you can enter to win some great stuff! If you have a blog of your own, you’ll enjoy her blog tips as well.
You’ll love Betty’s writing style. Read about her life as a God-fearing homeschooling farmer’s wife; read about her many roles in life: a cook, a baker, a nurse, a teacher, a woodworker, a housekeeper, a farmer and a gardener. View her family’s curriculum choices and get some free printables while you’re there. You’ll even find some ideas for fun nature studies!
Nature’s Notebook’s tagline is Explore. Discover. Observe. Record. Be part of it! On this blog, you’ll learn how to do nature studies with your kids and create notebooks for them. The other thing I love about this blog is all of her gardening advice. I’m a gardener wanna-be, I just don’t have a lot of knowledge. But Stephanie is a wiki of garden knowledge!
This site is also by Stephanie, the author of Nature’s Notebook. This blog’s purpose is to encourage other families with their military and homeschool family experiences and to minister to others by sharing their faith and music. Stephanie shares her faith, homeschooling tools and tips, military life and yummy recipes.
Mom's Heart
Come meet Brittney’s family of 2 parents, 3 kids and 2 dogs! You’ll be able to see what curriculum she is using for her children, read about their field trips and view their recommended list of free resources. If you love winning free stuff, you’ll love her giveaways. Enter to win some of the great products she has to give away!
Chelli has an awesome blog, and I just love her design! You’ll be able to view the curriculum she’s using for her kids, in case you need some ideas or recommendations. Her tips for homeschooling are great; she has planning tips, scheduling help and (my favorite) a Bible study guide for all ages. Make sure you check out her recipes too; there are lots of delicious ones that I can’t wait to try!
The Planted Trees
Kimberly is a homeschooling mom of 11 kids. And I thought raising 5 was hard! On Raising Olives, she shares things she’s learned about parenting, raising a large family and homeschooling along the way. In addition to these subjects, you’ll also get great hints for getting your home and family organized, home decorating tips, recipes and craft tutorials.
When you visit Erika’s blog, don’t miss the encouraging scriptures in the sidebar. This is great daily encouragement! Erika shares tips for home and family organization, family fun, shares their favorite recipe and more. See how she organizes her homeschool for 9 different children!
At Living and Learning at Home, you’ll find encouragement, inspiration and resources for the classical homeschool. My favorite resources on Amy’s blog include her blog & home planning pages, cleaning schedule and recipes. But her writing activities and science activities are also extremely helpful as well. Look for her post about the chores list; it has a neat idea to teach about money.

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