50 of the Best Homeschooling Blogs – 2014

Did you see our recommended list of homeschooling blogs from last year? Maybe you were a featured blogger? Whatever the case, it was so incredibly popular with y’all, so I figured it must have been super helpful. As a result, I wanted to update the list with this year’s favorites! Here is my updated list of MUST-READ homeschooling blogs for the year 2014. Enjoy! Please feel free to share the button below on your site so visitors can check out the list!



The Planted Trees – If you’re looking for some product recommendations or reviews, this site is for you. Chelli shares her opinions on many types of curriculum, and also shares her homeschooling activities. Make sure you don’t miss her recipes…especially the Cheesy Bacon Ranch dip! YUM!

The Joys of Home Educating – Connect with Melissa, a homeschooling cancer survivor who enjoys the gift of being at home with her children. Be sure to check out her party blog as well! You’ll find some great ideas you may be able to use in your kids’ parties.

Living Montessori Now – If you’re looking for Montessori information or inspiration, this is the site for you. Whatever questions you have, Deb provides the answers here.
Living Montessori Now

Harvest Lane Cottage – Join Laura Lane as she offers encouragement, and hopefully, inspiration to do, read, write, or cook something wonderful.

All About Homeschool Curriculum is an informational and experiential website that offers homeschool curriculum reviews, suggested home school preschool resources, parenting tips, and tried-and-true strategies to help you fulfill your commitment to train your children at home.

Rockabye Butterfly – provides lots of fun learning resources, activities, lesson plans, arts and crafts, for children. Love their hand-drawn printable worksheets and activity pages!

Grateful for Grace – Here you’ll find support for c-sections, abortion recovery, parenting, homeschooling and Christian living.

Small Things – You’ll love reading Ginny’s tales of homeschooling, knitting, Catholic life and more.

The Unlikely Homeschool – My favorite on this blog may just be Jamie’s organization ideas…I’m an organizing freak, and can never stick with one idea. You’ll also find some ideas and encouragement for homeschooling and being a mom.
The Unlikely Homeschool

Hectic Sweetness – Meet Cheri, homeschooling mom of 3 beautiful children. Her posts will help you realize the beauty that is all around us but we normally take for granted.

Mama Jenn – Jenn may have one of my favorite blogs! We have a lot in common…Christian homeschooling moms of 5 children. She offers homeschooling activity ideas, a ton of crafts and FREE printables. We all love FREE! 🙂

Naturally Educational – This site is full of recommendations on educational products and curriculum, as well as offering ideas for homeschooling activities.

Homeschool Ways
Homeschool Ways – Adriana shares her kids’ current assignments, special thoughts on being a Mom (Mom Mondays) and does reviews on products we may be interested in as homeschoolers.

Motherhood and Miscellany – I love the name of this blog! It’s so interesting. Read about Amy’s life adventures with her 3 young daughters. If you’re so inclined, you can also find some pretty neat theme ideas for homeschooling. For an example, her suggestion of typing your name into Google and sharing the first image result.

Simple Living Mama – This blog is all about homemaking, motherhood, and homeschooling the simple way. You will find posts on Joanie’s family’s journey to a simpler life and all the things we are learning about along the way!

Artful Homemaking – I’m big on “natural” living, so I really enjoy this blog. Joy has recipes, DIY tutorials, and articles specially geared towards moms like you! She also shares advice, tips and ideas on a variety of home education topics.

Oh That’s Simple – Bonnie is a Catholic, homeschooling mom of 7 kids. I love her dedication (she says she’s been homeschooling for 23 years!). On this blog you’ll find support and help for your homeschooling journey.

Texas Tanya – Come read about a Texas based (love her already!!) mom of 2 and foster mom to many, and her journey on the homeschooling path.

Husband of a Homeschooling Mom
Husband of a Homeschooling Mom – This is exactly what the title proclaims: the blog of a homeschooling mom’s husband. What a great concept! I love reading this so I have some perspective to share with my husband.

Ben and Me – Join Ben and Marcy on their homeschooling adventures! You’ll find homeschool product reviews, tips, activities and typical everyday stories from their daily homeschooling life.
Ben and Me

Sunrise to Sunset Homeschool – Meet another homeschooling mom of 5 kids! I love it! I thought for so long that I was a freak! Find out what Kristen and her family are using for curriculum and read her product recommendations. You’ll love getting to know the whole family.

Book Wishes – Book Wishes is the journey of a Mormon mom and her 5 children (another family with 5 kids!) Learn more about her faith, her family, and their homeschooling life on this blog.

Our Crafts N Things
Our Crafts -n- Things – Our family loves crafts, so this site is so awesome for me! In this blog, you’ll enjoy homeschooling stories from an ex-public school teacher. What a neat perspective!

Parent at the Helm – Linda Dobson and her family have been homeschooling since 1985. Learn from her experiences! Her blog has a lot of advice, and so do her books!

Still Room to Grow – Meet Kate, an inspiring woman who is cataloging her life on her blog. While you’re there, be sure to read her series “31 Days to Family Bliss”.

Frolicking Flamingo
Frolicking Flamingo – The name itself just brings a smile to your face. This online journal is the work of an attorney who now homeschools her children.

With Eager Hands – Sally shares a little bit of how life is in her family of seven! From homeschooling to hobbies to fun family time, you’ll love reading about a day in the life of this family.

More than a Coupon Queen – Interested in saving money? Well you’ve come to the right blog! Meagan and her husband Mike will keep you up to date on coupons as well as other stuff they enjoy, such as homeschooling!

Our Busy Homeschool – I’d like to introduce you to Tristan, mom of 8 wonderful children and extremely busy homeschooling mom!

Hands on Homeschooler – I love this site because all of my kids are hands on learners. Leann has so many great ideas for hands on activities, so I make a habit of checking back here often, and you should too!

Teach What Counts – What really counts in homeschooling? That depends on you! Follow Melanie as she shares how she teaches her kids what really matters!

Homeschool Diaries – Want to read stories from a down-to-earth mom? This is the blog for you! I love her style, it’s like she’s sitting across from you at the table telling you about her day.

Munchkin Farm
Munchkin Farm – If the adorable design doesn’t draw you in, Michelle’s friendly chatty articles will. Her blog has a lot of product reviews, so you can get recommendations from a trusted mom!

The Crafty Home – If you love to read, check out the book reviews on the Crafty Home. Do you like crafts? You’ll also find knitting lessons that are easy to follow!

Practical Pages – Having your child create comics? I wish I had thought of this! My son loves comics! Nadene shares tons of free lapbooks and worksheets that you can use in your own home. Don’t miss out on this site!

Raising Autodidacts – What is an autodidact, you may ask? Visit this site to find out!

Four Square Pegs – What an apt description for homeschoolers: a square peg trying to fit into the round hole society has for us. Marisa demonstrates that when God is first in your homeschool, everything else simply falls into place!

Walking in Faith – Read all about Alicia’s homeschooling walk in faith. In addition to some helpful homeschooling tips and tricks, you’ll also find some delicious recipes.

A Slice of Homeschool Pie – Another unique title! Clara shares some wonderful tips for raising boys, including a teen, which helps me, as I only have one boy in an ocean of estrogen. Between the product reviews, giveaways and Lego club articles, you’ll never want to leave!
A Slice of Homeschool Pie

The Quirky Mustache – Stories of awesomeness from a homeschool mama and a quirky teenager that spreads mustache love all over the world. Learn how to have fun with school with Andrea and her school experiments and struggles! Love the sock story…;-)

The Encouraging Home If you’re interested in being healthier, especially through the use of all natural products, then you have found the perfect combination of homeschooling and health in Mary’s Encouraging Home.

The Handcrafted Homestead – If you’re interested in homesteading (like me), then you’ll love Danielle’s blog. Learn more about how to make hand crafted products that you’re already using in your home!

Ellie Eugenia – Ellie is a self proclaimed 90s lover, so her hodge podge blog that covers a little bit of everything is a lot of fun to read. Think brunette Lisa Loeb. 🙂

Notebooking Nook – Learn a new way of homeschooling – notebooking. Betsy shares tips for success in this fun version of learning, as well as lists of freebies that you can use in your homeschool.

Raising Lifelong Learners – Just the title of this blog is enough to get me interested. Encouraging learning for gifted learners is emphasized on Colleen’s blog. Check it out, you’ll love it!

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A Mom's Handbook
A Mom’s Handbook – Read about the trials and tribulations of another mom just like you! Jenn shares posts on various aspects of her life, from homeschooling to gardening to cooking.

Dwimble – Read all about Louanne’s life with her adoptive children. As another Texan homeschooling mom, I love reading about the unit studies her family is doing. Don’t miss her photography!

Adventure Bee – Learning through adventure is so much better than reading dry textbooks, don’t you think? Share in some of Corey Ann’s adventures with her daughter, and get some new ideas for your own homeschool!

Our Crazy Adventures in Autism Land – Learn more about autism! Join Penny in her adventures homeschooling her autistic child, and enjoy her antics about being transplanted from chilly New Hampshire to warm and sunny Florida.

Kindred Spirit Mommy – Lindsey is warm and chatty, and shares her life with her readers in a down-to-earth way. You’ll find a little bit of everything on Lindsey’s blog – crafts, tutorials, freebies, recipes and homeschooling.
Kindred Spirit Mommy

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