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8th Grade Free Curriculum – Day 4

Track your days with our 180 day homeschooling tracking worksheet. All links on this page will open in a new tab/window.


Remember, we are using the CK12 Math book this year. Before getting started with today’s work, answer any questions your child has about the work from yesterday.

Then, review section 1.4 Writing Expressions, and assign the “Time to Practice” problems at the end of the section.


Remember that stream of consciousness writing from yesterday? Read through it, and split it up by topic. Write each section of text (separated by subject matter) on a separate piece of paper; fold each and put it in a bowl, or hat, or something. Mix them up and pick one without peeking! Whichever one you picked, turn that into a cohesive story.


Today is play time! Play the whack-a-robot style verbs in space game. You can also spend some time playing Verb Viper. And here’s a really fun verb wheel game.


Learn the next 20 words on the vocabulary list. Write sentences using all of the vocabulary words. Be sure to study all of the words that you have learned this week; test is on Monday (or whatever day 6 is)!


Continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird; you should be reading 2 chapters a day. Begin thinking about the essay topic you’d like to write about.

US History

Do some research on the Colonial times. Write down 10-15 questions you want to learn about the people, culture, food or anything that has to do with the original 13 colonies. Make sure you use a mixture of research materials: websites, books, documentaries, etc. The following books are some books that we used.

Come up with a way to display what you’ve learned; it can be a poster, a sewing project, a report, whatever you decide. Be creative!

Life Science

Research more about the different careers in Life Science. Which ones interest you? What do they do, in their daily jobs? What does it take to get that job? What subjects would you need to study?


Do some review practice (click on the “R”) for lessons 1 & 2 on Power Typing.

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