Ambleside Online – You’ll Love this Free Homeschool Curriculum

Even though there are plenty of worksheets, unit studies, lap books and other homeschooling aids available for free, but a full curriculum can be hard to find. One of my personal favorites is using the Charlotte Mason method. If you don’t know what the Charlotte Mason method is, I highly suggest checking it out. In a nutshell, learners use a series of living books and hands-on nature activities to learn.

Anyway, you can get complete curriculum for free using this methodology. I have 2 favorites when it comes to this free curriculum: Ambleside and Old Fashioned Education.

Ambleside is an awesome site that has a complete homeschool curriculum. Of course, it’s FREE! I love it. There is a book list by grade or age, that is used to plan out the year. The website is based on Charlotte Mason’s principles, and stays as close to the original plan set forth by Charlotte Mason as possible. However, it’s impossible to give your children a Charlotte Mason education without thoroughly knowing everything that it entails. Therefore, it’s recommended that you learn everything you can; the curriculum is only one aspect of the big picture.

If you review the curriculum, you will notice that the book list requires a lot of books that are hard to find. When my family first started with the Charlotte Mason curriculum, we began with Ambleside. We opted to go with an Old Fashioned Education instead; not because it’s better than Ambleside, but because the books listed are available online for free.

Have you tried either one of these curriculums? Which one did you enjoy more, and why?