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Give Your Kids a Sense of Accomplishment with These Free Reading Logs

Some children don’t like to read. It’s a sad fact, one I don’t understand, but there ya go. One of my children is like that; it’s so hard to get him to read! Giving him a sense of accomplishment really helps. I do this by giving him a reading log where he can write down how much time he spent ...

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Free Solar System Lesson Plans

My younger children are learning about the solar system. We are doing lots of fun activities to learn more about our planet and the other ones in our galaxy. Here are the activities we have done.

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Top 10 Fun Bible Crafts for Kids

It’s hard for our family to do family Bible reading sessions. My younger kids do not enjoy them, they find it “boring”. So, I’ve been looking for more fun ways to get the lessons from the Bible to them…and I’ve found some great Bible crafts and other activities for the kids that will be fun for all of us!

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Summer Reading Programs

Many of us homeschoolers continue the learning process throughout the year; but summer reading programs can be a fun change for any child, whether they go to a public school, private school, or are homeschooled. Many organizations offer incentives for kids to read; the following are just a few that I have found. Scholastic Scholastic offers a great summer reading ...

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Exploring Geography

Geography used to be full of boring facts to memorize and endless studying of maps. New technology has made maps interactive, and learning geography doesn’t have to be so boring anymore. Maps 4 Kids offers fun, interactive maps. Using Google Maps, kids can view a map of the United States with their choice of: State Peaks State Capitals Tallest Buildings ...

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Elementary & Middle School Science Experiments

Science can sometimes be a boring subject, especially when it’s taught through reading dry textbooks. Make it fun by doing science experiments with your kids! In a classroom setting, science experiments are structured by textbook directions and specific equipment that may not be available to homeschoolers. We, as parents, may not have the knowledge or creativity to come up with ...

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Social Studies Activities

Here are some great resources for social studies. This website is put out by Scott Foresman, a popular publisher of textbooks. Social studies for kids has a few different resources. The site is aimed at children in elementary school. In the Social Studies Library section, you will find a dictionary, an encyclopedia and an almanac. The best part is that ...

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Free Unit Studies

Unit studies are a fun way to study one topic, while incorporating several different subjects. Easy Fun School has a great selection of free unit studies, on topics ranging from states to literature. Under the general subject listing is a long list of unit studies. As far as I can tell, these units are formatted for elementary grades, although some ...

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Free Typing Lessons

Typing is such a necessary skill for today’s children. Public schools have teachers, software and equipment for teaching children how to type. As homeschoolers, it falls on us parents to do so. Now there are many software packages you can purchase that will provide lessons and games for children to play, but are there any free typing lessons available? If ...

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Free Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Puzzle Maker

The Discovery Channel is a wonderful resource for homeschooling families. I’m sure you have either used or plan to use videos and documentaries put out by the Discovery Channel. Did you also know that they offer free lesson plans, worksheets, virtual “trips” and lots more on their website? If you aren’t already using this resource, you have got to check ...

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Help Your Child Master Math Facts

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the basis of any math education. Helping your child memorize these facts can sometimes be a challenge; children get bored easily, and math can quickly become a boring chore even for the kids who enjoy math. So how do you help your child memorize these tables without squashing their love of math? Flashcards, worksheets ...

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