Christmas Crafts your kids will love!!

Christmas Crafts Your Kids Will Love Making!

Christmas is my favorite time of year! Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ always brings out the best in people, even those who don’t follow Jesus. It’s a great and happy time, and it’s my goal to build wonderful memories for my children to remember for years to come. Because my kids are so crafty, Christmas crafts are part of those memories. Here are some of our favorites that we will be doing this year!

Advent Calendar Crafts

You may want to get started on this one right away! My kids will be selecting one of these to make today, after they’re finished with their Christmas movie marathon.

First up is a simple Christmas tree advent that any aged child can do! You cut out the template on your choice of colored paper, cut out the numbered ornaments, then your child will glue a new ornament on the tree each day. On Christmas Day, the star ornament is glued onto the top of the tree. If you don’t want them to have to glue everyday, try applying velcro, or using tape.

Christmas Advent Tree Craft

Santa Face Advent Calendar

A similar idea is to use a Santa Claus face advent calendar. Either cut out Santa’s face on colored paper, or on white paper and have the kids color it. Then, a cotton ball will be added to Santa’s beard each day of December, until his beard is completed on Christmas Day.

Candy Advent Calendar Craft
Origami Box Christmas Advent Calendar

From the same site, here’s a really neat idea for a candy filled Christmas advent calendar. Of course, you don’t have to fill the calendar days with candy; you can use a variety of different things, whatever suits your mood or family life. It’s created using toilet paper rolls and construction (or paper of your choice) paper. Have fun with it!

Here are a bunch of different advent calendar crafts you and your children can have fun making this year. Some of these are simple printables that your kids can decorate before using, some are made of paper (and you’ll see a variation of the above toilet paper roll craft) and there’s even a cool option made from canvas. I think my favorite from this site is the Origami Box Advent Calendar craft.

Fun Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids

Now let’s discuss some great ideas to make some homemade tree ornaments! I love these, they create some wonderful memories for future Christmases. In fact, when we decorated our Christmas tree the other day, we found one that I had made when I was a small child. WOW! LOL If you’re wanting to create something to commemorate how small your babies are, try this salt dough handprint craft. In 10, 15 or more years, you’ll look back and feel nostalgic for when your kids were so small. 😉

Salt Dough Hands Ornament

Make some fun twinkly ornaments using styrofoam balls, straight pins and glittery pom-poms. Because of the straight pins, I don’t recommend this craft for little ones. But for the older kids, this is a really neat craft idea, and one that your children will find simple and fun!

Rudolph Ornament Craft

Here’s a fun one – using some clear ornament balls, create a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ornament! This post is a bonus, as you’ll also find some great game ideas and other Christmas craft ideas. This one link could be an entire day of fun Christmas themed activities!

I love the idea of their “cocoa cones” too! I’m a hot cocoa fanatic, so anything hot cocoa definitely gets my attention. Don’t miss out on their reindeer puppets & antlers too…your children will also love the game “Pass the Present”, so make sure you play that with them before you leave the site. 🙂

Variation on the Handprint Ornament

On to a cool globe ornament variation on the child’s hand print. I love this one; start off with your favorite colored globe ornament, put craft paint all over the child’s hand, then place the ornament in his or her hand. Once the paint dries, the ornament can be decorated however your child wishes! I love it! Use decorative ribbon to hang the ornament on the tree, and voila! A beautiful keepsake of how small your child once was…

As a variation on this idea, you can also buy the craft clear ornaments, then use paint to swirl the inside of the globe and use colored paint for the hand print. Wouldn’t that be pretty? Be creative, and make this ornament your own. You’re only limited by your own ideas.

This one is so cool and so easy to make! It’s called “Elf Yourself” (scroll about halfway down the page), and is created with construction paper and a photo of your child. The face of the photo becomes the face of the elf, and your child creates the elf body using different colors of construction paper. The options on this project are only limited by your (and your child’s) creativity! So have fun with it; make some striped pants, a pointy hat (complete with a jingle bell) and some pointed shoes!

Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

A final craft I want to share for today is the craft stick Christmas tree. This is one that will keep the kids happy and busy for a while. They have to paint the tree, glue the tree together and decorate it. So much fun and room for creativity here!

Christmas tree ornament crafts

What are some of your favorite crafts to do with your kids at Christmas time? Share your thoughts on Facebook!