Five Fun Fall Preschool Crafts

Gotta love the alliteration, right? Thought I’d start the post with a humorous note…anyway, on to the fun fall crafts for preschoolers! Preschoolers love doing crafts! (Or at least mine do!) Here are a few great ways to incorporate learning about the autumn season into fun, creative activities for your kids.

First is an autumn window display. This is so creative! Using coffee filters, some paint and a little imagination, you can create some beautiful fall colored trees for your windows!

This neat idea for a fingerpaint tree will inspire you and your preschooler! Finger paints are so much fun for young children, and they can create some great fall trees, or thankful trees for Thanksgiving.

Fall crafts for preschoolers Capture the beauty of fall in this wonderful preschool craft. Using colorful leaves, you and your preschooler can make a beautiful votive for your fall decor.

Fun fall crafts preschool What a gorgeous and original centerpiece! Your preschooler will love creating this beautiful pumpkin centerpiece out of construction paper and cardboard tubes.

preschool craft ideas This is a craft we used to make as kids! Peanut butter bird feeders are fun and easy for preschoolers to make. A nature walk is a fun way to gather supplies and discuss how much the birds will enjoy it.

What crafts do you and your preschooler enjoy? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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