Free 6th Grade Curriculum

I have a daughter who is just starting middle school this year. While we don’t necessarily have an actual schedule we use for her (because of her learning style), I did want to share what we are using. All of the resources are free, and you can easily create a schedule that will work for you.

List of 6th Grade Courses

My daughter has a vast array of things she’s interested in, and I tried to take that into account when selecting what she’d be learning this year. At the same time, I want to make sure she’s getting enough of the main subjects as well. With that said, the following is the list of subjects she’ll be studying this year:

  • Life Science
  • Math
  • English
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Spelling
    • Vocabulary
    • Grammar
  • Typing
  • US History
  • Web Design (HTML, CSS)
  • Archaeology

Life Science

I opted for Life Science this year; she hasn’t studied much in this arena, mostly because Earth Science is what captured her attention from the get-go. I want her to have exposure to some of the aspects of Biology and Life Science in general, so that she can find out if there’s anything else that grabs her interest.

I chose a book called Life Science for Middle School. I will be using the book mostly as a guide; my daughter doesn’t learn well by reading a book, so have been going over concepts, then finding other, more hands-on, ways of learning about it.


We also chose a CK12 book for Math: Middle School Math – Grade 6. Like with the Science book, we will be covering the topics, then using other methods of reinforcing and practicing the material. As an example of the type of “other method” I mean, she really enjoys doing math worksheets.

So far, the only obstacle we’ve had is with long division. She just doesn’t understand it, no matter how many times we’ve covered it. I moved on, because I was getting incredibly frustrated, and I really don’t think it’s important enough to worry about (especially since we live in the age of computers and calculators)!


This is a multifaceted subject, of course…getting my daughter to read something is like pulling a tooth out of my own head with a pair of pliers. For that reason, we’ve put off reading comprehension for a while. We do use spelling word lists each week to help learn the spelling of a variety of words.

I haven’t fully decided what I’m going to use for grammar and writing just yet. But I’ll let you know what I decide to use! In the meantime, I have been going over synonyms, homonyms and working on learning new vocabulary words. Since she isn’t an avid reader like my other kids, her vocabulary isn’t as advanced as theirs.

A fun way to learn adjectives, nouns and verbs is to use Mad Libs. My daughter really enjoys “playing” these word games (as do the other children), so often this turns into a whole family game!


Typing is something she asked me if she could learn. I love it when my kids ask me if they can learn something; I feel like I’ve done something right! It shows me that they enjoy learning, and are willing to learn new things without me having to fight with them.

We are using Power Typing online typing lessons. It has been working very well with her so far. She’s excited because on the last few typing tests, she’s gotten up to 25 WPM!

US History

I think the history of our own country is one of the most important things for kids to know. With that in mind, we are starting off with early explorers, like the Vikings, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, etc. I got a selection of books on Explorers for us to go through and learn with, and my 4th grader and my 6th grader are both doing a lap book on Explorers.

Of course, these aren’t the only explorers we’ll be studying, but this is where we’re at right now. Once we’re finished with our Explorers unit, we’ll be moving on to Colonial Times, one of my favorite times in American History!

We are also using this free Explorers Lapbook just to give her a hands-on fun way of remembering and learning about the early explorers. My 4th grade son is also using the lapbook (he loves doing lapbooks too!)

Web Design

My little girl decided she wanted to learn html this year. And I found the perfect interactive site to help her learn it. Since I’m a web developer, I could teach her, but I love the interactive features offered on Codeacademy!


Last but not least, she wants to learn about
. This is her life dream; she wants to be an Archaeologist of some kind when she grows up.

With this in mind, we will be using magazines, such as
Biblical Archaeology
and Archaeology, and websites such as NPS Archaeology, and the interactive series at the Children’s Museum of Indianopolis.