FREE Cooking Lessons for Kids

I had an interesting question on my Facebook page regarding a cooking curriculum for kids. I hadn’t even thought about this, as we just have our kids cook with us to learn. However, if you’re wanting to teach an actual class, what type of lessons would you use?

With that very interesting question in mind, I decided to see what I could find. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to find actual cooking lesson plans or curriculum, but I was surprised! I found 2 great resources that y’all can use. And they look fun! I may actually start using some of these lessons with my own kids. 🙂

Kids Cooking Activities

The first site I want to share with you is Kids Cooking Activities. They have lessons separated by age: Toddlers (under 3), Assistant Chef (ages 3-6), Chef in Training (7-11 years old), Junior Chef (ages 12-15) and Senior Chef (16-18 years old).

But that’s not all! You’ll also find a wealth of kids recipe suggestions, lessons on food around the world (love this part) and recipe challenges. This is a site you’ll definitely enjoy, so check it out! While you’re there, make sure you join their free club so you get updates.

That’s Fresh Cooking Lessons

I also found a PDF of cooking lessons; it’s called “That’s Fresh”, and involves learning a variety of cooking skills, as well as eating together and learning how to create healthy meals. The PDF includes worksheets, handouts, recipes and activities for the class to complete. Handouts are on topics such as food safety, fun bag lunches, recipe costs and more.

The recipes in the PDF are taken from different categories, such as Native American, Italian, Southern and Mexican. And, of course, there are recipes for a healthy bag lunch too!

If you’re able to, take a field trip to a local restaurant. This e-book has handouts of what each child should learn while there, as well as help on guiding their learning. Another field trip idea is to go to a local grocery store; here you’ll be able to teach the kids about reading labels and comparing nutrition facts.

All in all, I was impressed with what I found, even though the number of resources I found was low. If you’re looking to teach a class at your local co-op or even to scouts, 4-H or any other small group, the free cooking lessons listed above will help a lot. I would also love hearing from you about what resources you use to teach your children how to cook, so share below in the comments!

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