FREE Lesson Plan – Write Like the Mayans!

Yet another way to teach ancient history the fun way! Today’s FREE lesson plan features art activities that use Mayan heiroglyphs. Your kids can enjoy some “secret code” projects, all while learning more about this ancient society!

Learning About the Mayans Through Hieroglyphs

One of the things I remember about my Ancient Civilizations lessons in school were the hieroglyphs; not only the Ancient Egyptians’ writing, but also that of the ancient Mayans. Do you remember the excitement of learning how to write a “secret code”? I do! It was fun! Our kids are no exception; they will find learning about the Mayans a lot more interesting when writing with the ancient language. Mayan hieroglyphs are fascinating to learn about!

FREE Mayan Lesson Plans

FREE Mayan Lesson Plans

Teacher Vision, a great source of lesson plans for your homeschool, has a FREE Mayan lesson plan that is perfect for grades 3 through 6. Activities focus around the Mayan Kids website. The plan also provides target skills and vocabulary that your child should know after the lesson.

This website doesn’t seem to have a name, but the Mayan lesson plan they offer is geared toward 5th graders. I recommend looking it over and deciding for yourself when your child will be ready for it, as it could be earlier or later. 🙂 It includes discussion questions, media and educational standards.

I really like this one from Jaguar Stones. You can download the Mayan lesson plans or order a CD by sending your name & school address to the email (scroll to the bottom of the page). I don’t know if they provide this service for homeschoolers or not, but we will find out soon! In addition to the lesson plans, you’ll find numerous links to more learning resources about the Mayans.

BrainPop is  a great site; have you been there? Here is a great page for getting FREE Mayan lesson plan ideas. Your kids can visit the Brain Pop Jr. site and watch an awesome movie on the Mayan civilization.

Last but not least, here is a wonderful art lesson plan that focuses on the Mayan Hieroglyphs. Kids love learning while doing hands on arts and crafts projects!

What do you use to learn about the Mayans? Share in the comments below!

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