FREE! Perfect Learning Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day of love…when I was in public elementary school, we always had a fun little party with sweet red and pink cupcakes, cookies and candies, and the classroom was decorated with red and pink hearts, Cupids and arrows. We would have Valentine’s Day themed math worksheets, and pass out cheap little Valentine’s Day cards that we had spent time filling out the night before.

As homeschoolers, it’s a little bit different, but not a lot! We can still have tons of “love-themed” fun with our kids.

Today, I’m sharing some great free activities and resources for the younger kids to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. What exactly do I mean by “younger”? Elementary age and below.

FREE Valentine’s Day Printables

Make those everyday practice drills a little more holiday friendly and less monotonous using these Valentines Day printables. You’ll find printing practice, writing pages, place value worksheets, cutting practice and more on this page. Estimated age group: Preschool to 2nd grade.

Here’s a link to the Valentine’s Day directory at ABC Teach. I hesitated to put this resource on my list because you will have to wade through a LOT of files, but they have so many printables available that I really think it’s worth your time. The descriptions are pretty, well, descriptive, and include an estimated grade level for the worksheet. You can also search within the files and sort by different criteria.

Here’s a pack of Valentine’s Day printables that is for kids between the ages of 2 and 7.

If you have young children that want to learn, here’s a great set of Valentine’s activities for toddlers. Worksheets allow for practice of basic skills like matching, sorting, lacing and patterns.

My kids love to color, do yours? If so, they may enjoy these Valentine’s Day coloring pages by Crayola. On this page are also some cool Valentine’s Day Bingo cards that the kids can first color, then use in a class Bingo game!

Looking for a few things that may challenge your preschooler a little bit? Try these Valentine’s Day worksheets. This is an expansion pack to their original Preschool worksheet pack.

This site took a few minutes to load, but once it did, I was happy I waited. There are a ton of fun Valentine’s Day printables and activities that your kids will love! Decorations, posters, skill practice, puzzles, bookmarks and more are all here, just waiting for you to click and print!

Here’s a nice set of Valentine’s Day printables from Homeschool Creations. These are geared towards Preschool and Kindergarten aged kids. Don’t miss the vocabulary cards too!


Preschoolers or tots will love this next set. You’ll find a big pack of fun activities…well, actually TWO packs, one for Pre-K and the other for “Tots”. Just remember this set of free Valentine’s Day printables is for the super young ones.

FREE Valentine’s Day Lesson Plans

This list may be my favorite! It’s conveniently sorted by school subject, so you will easily find the Valentine’s Day lesson plan that you’re looking for. Subjects included are Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Music, Physical Education & Health, Science and Social Studies.

I love these lesson plans for the holiday of love. If you’re looking for a wide variety of activities, then you’re at the right place!

Education World has a eclectic list of love-ly lesson plans! The best part is that you will find some for the older kids as well as the younger kids! Check out the relay through the Circulatory system, geared towards middle and high schoolers!

Here is another great list of lesson plans for Valentine’s Day. Also divided by subjects, this list includes options for ALL grades. You’ll find ideas for Language Arts, Social Studies & History, Science and Math.

FREE Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

These are fun Valentine’s Day coloring pages that your child will love to color! A couple of them are skill building worksheets for preschoolers as well.

A fun list of Valentine coloring pages. This page does not include a preview of each page, which is a little annoying, but a great list nonetheless.

Have patience, as these Valentine’s coloring pages may take a few minutes to load. The wait is worth it. I love these pages, and I think you will too!

Some of these coloring pages can be used to make crafts as well, such as photo frames and Valentine’s Day cards.

Here are some wonderful love themed coloring pages perfect for this holiday!

This page has some pretty cool Valentine’s Day coloring pages, as well as some other activities such as games and jokes.

FREE Valentine’s Day Crafts

Your kids will love these fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids! There are pages of crafts here, far too many to mention them all; however, you will find things like card holders made from paper plates, photo frames and wreaths.

This list of Valentine’s Day crafts will blow your mind! You can make friendship bracelets, bottle cap lockets, and heart shaped fans.

This article is really geared towards adults, but with supervision, these Valentine’s Day crafts can be made with kids of all ages. The list also includes recipes and decoration ideas!

This page has some neat Valentine’s Day craft projects for kids. Felt, foam and glitter! What every little one loves!

Here’s a list of love themed crafts for a variety of ages. Some are perfect for little kids, some are aimed at older children.

These Valentine’s craft ideas are awesome! I love the card with the hand holding the lollipop! So creative!

Which crafts, lesson plans or coloring pages were your favorite?