FREE Multiplication Worksheets

Looking for some practice worksheets for your student? Here are some great downloadable worksheets to help your kids practice their multiplication skills. My youngest daughter has recently learned how to multiply, and she can’t get enough! I’ve been giving her practice worksheets, drills, and even been writing problems on a Read More »

FREE Bible Lesson Plans – Old Testament

In our family, learning about the Bible is #1. We are always looking for some great lesson plans to help make the Bible more accessible to the kids, and applicable to their everyday life. Today, I found some great FREE (of course) lessons on the Old Testament. We believe that Read More »

50 of the Best Homeschooling Blogs – 2014

Did you see our recommended list of homeschooling blogs from last year? Maybe you were a featured blogger? Whatever the case, it was so incredibly popular with y’all, so I figured it must have been super helpful. As a result, I wanted to update the list with this year’s favorites! Read More »

FREE Lesson Plan – Write Like the Mayans!

Yet another way to teach ancient history the fun way! Today’s FREE lesson plan features art activities that use Mayan heiroglyphs. Your kids can enjoy some “secret code” projects, all while learning more about this ancient society! Learning About the Mayans Through Hieroglyphs One of the things I remember about Read More »

FREE Online Resources for Learning United States History

American History is a fascinating subject. Sadly, textbooks for United States history can be incredibly expensive. How would you like some FREE resources for teaching history to your kids? You’ve come to the right place! Learn United States History for FREE The first resource I would recommend is Guest Hollow. Read More »


Free Worksheets

If your kids are like mine, worksheets can help them reinforce their knowledge of recent lessons. Some of them can even be fun, especially for the younger kids. You can find tons of workbooks in your local Target or Walmart, but you can also print them for free from the comfort of your own home. Those workbooks can often cost a lot of money; I’ve seen some of them for as much as $15-20!

Personally, I say save your money for other things that you just can’t get for free. Check out our list of free worksheets below.

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