Free Sentences for Sight Words Flash Cards

Here is a FREE flash card set (in digital form) that will help your child begin to read sight words!

I personally don’t endorse the use of sight words, but I know a lot of parents do. With that in mind, today’s FREE book offering sight word flash cards. These fun sentences will help your beginning reader learn 20 new sight words!

The 20 words in this lesson are: am, big, boat (& boats), funny, in, like, our, play, red, robin, so, sun, that, to, tree, under, water, we, with & yellow

The words reviewed from Lesson 1
are: and, boy, girl, I, is, little, said, the & up

This book is divided into four sections:

  • Sentences: This section is designed to teach your child to recognize sight words in a sentence. The five sentences in this book use the 20 words in this lesson.
  • Words (alphabetized) – Practice the sight words with flash cards.
  • Word Flash Cards then Sentences – Read the words in the sentence then read them all together.
  • Sentences then Word Flash Cards – Read the complete sentence, then read each word one at a time!

Get your free book today! Click the image link to the right. 🙂 Enjoy!