Free Study Tools with Study Blue

Remember making flash cards to study for tests? A lot of high school students use flash cards for a variety of subjects: history dates, math formulas, spanish verb conjugations, and vocabulary words. Today, we are going to discuss a great resource for high school students – StudyBlue – and it’s free!

Study Blue allows you to share study notes, exam reviews, flash cards and other study tools created by other students. You can also create your own!

For those of us who are teachers, StudyBlue has an option for us too! It’s quick and easy (and free, of course) to integrate into the classroom. We can create flashcards for our children and they will have the ability to track their mastery of each topic.

For school on the go, Study Blue offers free apps through Amazon App Store, iTunes and Android. So hook your students up with other students who need to study the same subjects today.

Do you already use Study Blue? What are your experiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 comments on “Free Study Tools with Study Blue

  1. I am using another free flashcard app: It’s a great app super useful for remembering what could be on the test

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