Free Textbooks Online!

Looking for a free textbook? High school & middle school parents will love this one! This website is completely awesome, and I can’t believe how much work went into it. We all know textbooks are extremely expensive, and as a homeschooler, it can be hard to find affordable options. (Why else would you be here?!) But for middle school or high school, this website will be perfect!

There are different options you can choose from for your free textbooks. You can sign up through Facebook, if you choose, which is nice. After you click sign up, you will be asked whether you’re a student, educator, or self-learner. If you choose “student” or “educator”, it will ask you for your textbook title or ISBN number and the course name. If you are teaching your kids from a specific textbook (or plan to), this option may work for you. However, I signed up as a “self-learner”, then picked which subjects I wanted.

The subject choices were Sociology, History, Writing, Biology, Physiology, Economics, Business & Psychology. The History course covers US History. I hope that they offer other history options in the future.

I was showing the site to my husband, and the first thing HE asked (of course) was “do they have tests, assignments or quizzes?” Well, the answer to that is no…perhaps, since we plan to use this system for our oldest daughter, I will create some tests, writing assignments and other activities to go along with it. What do you think? Should I spend some time creating things to go along with Boundless for our free homeschooling downloads section?

Do you use this site? Considering it? What are your thoughts/concerns/ideas? Please comment below!