FREE resources for teaching kids to tell time

FREE Tools to Teach Telling Time

It’s time to teach my first grader how to read a clock…and I’ve found some really cool tools to use! Read on for some fun stuff that will make learning to tell time fun for any child.

Learning how to read a clock almost seems obsolete, doesn’t it? LOL But it isn’t. There are still plenty of face clocks in the world, so it’s still an important skill that kids need. With that in mind, I found some fun things to do with kids that are FREE (of course) and will make learning how to tell time fun.

Learning to Tell Time with an Interactive Clock

First, I’m starting out with the interactive clock from time for time. The clock is cool, letting you move to whatever time you want, including to the current time. The ONLY thing I wish it had was a button to STOP the clock. Other than that, it’s a very useful tool, especially since it also shows the digital equivalent so kids learn how to write the time. Time for time also has some telling time games, but I didn’t find them flexible enough to use with my 1st grader.

I found another interactive clock that you set the hands wherever you want them. I like this one because you don’t have to worry about the clock moving on its own as time ticks by. It’s perfect for demonstrating where the hands should be.

I’ve saved one of my favorite interactive clocks for last…at first glance, this one resembles the clock at “time for time”. It allows the user to change the clock’s time by 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour increments. This clock also has the option to change the clock face; it can show the minutes, display roman numerals, and a few other cool options.

But that’s not all! You can also determine elapsed time and display both digital time and the time in words. This clock is a MUST SEE!

Printable Clock Faces for Practice

FREE resources to teach kids how to tell time
You remember those little clock faces that had the hands connected to the clock using a brad? Here are a few printable clocks that you can use for craft/art time, then your kids can use that clock they created to practice their time telling skills!

I just love integrating craft projects into our learning, my kids have so much more fun that way. Who wants to do ONLY the stuffy, boring side of learning? LOL

Telling Time Worksheets

Now, it’s on to the more “traditional” practice…worksheets! There are tons of these all over the web, but I thought I would let you know where to find some of the best worksheets I’ve found to date.

I love sites that allow you to generate your own worksheets, so my first recommendation is the telling time worksheet generator available at Math Fact Cafe. You can choose what increments to use on the worksheet (i.e. hour, 1/2 hour, 1/4 hour, etc.), whether the child needs to write the time or draw the hands on the clock, and even the size of the clocks. Hit generate, print, and you’re done!

Here’s another telling time worksheet generator that offers a few different options to choose from. You can select the specific minute increments to have on the worksheet. There are more, but honestly, IMHO, these 2 are the only ones I like.

FREE Telling Time Games

One of my kids’ favorite game sites is Primary Games. They have a lot of neat games, one of which can help kids practice their telling time skills. Playing games is a great way to have your child learn without them even knowing they’re learning!

The Woodlands Resource site has a large variety of games for telling time practice. Your child will find a few different games to enjoy. If you’re so inclined, you can also print out some worksheets on this site.

ABCYa time games are fun too! You can choose whether to use an analog clock or a digital clock, and choose your skill level too!

Do you have any favorite resources that you use to teach your kids how to tell time? Please share in the comments below!