Free Typing Lessons

Free Typing Lessons Typing is such a necessary skill for today’s children. Public schools have teachers, software and equipment for teaching children how to type. As homeschoolers, it falls on us parents to do so. Now there are many software packages you can purchase that will provide lessons and games for children to play, but are there any free typing lessons available?

If you choose to go the typing tutor software route, here are some great choices.

Free Typing Lessons Online

There is a site that offers free typing lessons; it’s called Power Typing. Power Typing has lessons that help children determine proper finger placement and practice speed and accuracy.

As you can see from this screenshot, there is a list of lessons, the average speed you performed in each lesson, as well as a letter grade.

Power Typing encourages rhythmic typing; for this purpose, they offer a radio to go along with the typing lessons. If you are an accomplished typist, you can appreciate the application of rhythm to typing.

But the site isn’t all about “boring” drills and lessons. Typing practice, typing tests and there are also fun (and free) typing games to play!

This site is great for beginner typists; it is a perfect tool for introducing typing skills. However, for more advanced students, I would recommend getting one of the software packages.


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