fundraising for homeschoolers

Fundraising for Homeschoolers

Public schools do a lot of fundraising; as do sports teams, church youth groups, private schools, dance classes and many other activities and organizations. What about homeschoolers? Is fundraising available for us?

We have to operate on our own funds, which can be difficult, not to mention expensive! There are co-op classes, school equipment, school supplies, textbooks, and even field trips that all have to be paid for out of our pockets. If anyone needs fundraising, it’s definitely a homeschooling family!

The hard part is knowing where to find fundraisers that are open to homeschoolers. The following is a list of organizations that can help you reach your goals.

Buy for Charity has some great fundraising opportunities for homeschooling families, including:

  • Dinner & a Movie Card;
  • Cookie Dough;
  • Restaurant card;
  • Savings card;
  • Smencils;
  • Portraits;
  • Gourmet cookie dough;
  • Coffee;
  • Lollipops;
  • Pretzels;
  • and Facebook Restaurant cards.

Easy Fundraising Ideas also offers some great choices for home school fundraisers:

  • Candy bars;
  • Fruit snacks;
  • Various types of lollipops;
  • Sub sandwiches;
  • Cookie dough;
  • Pizza cards;
  • Pretzels;
  • Savings card;
  • Restaurant card;
  • Dinner & movie card;
  • and more!

Many of these ideas overlap; however, America’s Fundraising has some original fundraising ideas for homeschoolers:

  • Custom T-shirts;
  • $10 snacks;
  • Scratch cards.

School Fundraisers also has some innovative fundraising options:

  • Cookbooks;
  • Nuts & chocolate;
  • Eco-friendly products.

If you know of any more, or have experience with any of the sites listed below, share your experiences below!