Homeschooling Methods

Many of us grew up in the public school system. When we think of “school”, we think of text books, maybe some lectures, worksheets for the younger kids and projects and papers for the older kids. However, one of the reasons the public school simply isn’t working anymore is that not everyone learns in the same way; these methods of teaching can kill the love of learning in children, making school seem like more of a job, or a chore.

Homeschooling offers us the freedom to teach our children the way WE want. However, we need to take ourselves out of the “school” mentality. For many students, school does mean reading texts and doing homework.

For those kids, it will be necessary to purchase (or create) some type of structured curriculum.

However, some students will learn better by visiting educational destinations (such as museums, parks, and other educational activities).

Whatever method you decide to use in your homeschooling family will be found in this section of our site. Our family is currently using the Charlotte Mason method but there are also core curriculum and even unschooling.

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