Learn How to Draw Birds (and MORE) for FREE (FREE e-book download)

Are you studying birds? This e-book is a great addition to a bird unit study. It will teach kids how to draw birds, but that’s not all. You’ll also learn about bird anatomy, their skeleton and how their feathers help with flight.

Using an art lesson to “disguise” a lesson on birds is a great way to make learning more fun! This book uses lessons on how a bird’s body is put together (AKA anatomy) to describe how to draw a bird. You can have a lot of fun with this, and your kids will love it too!

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FREE Bird Anatomy Lesson Plans

This downloadable e-book is a great addition to your bird studies. However, I wanted to give you some more FREE lesson plans that are all about the study of birds.

First, is one of my personal favorites: Enchanted Learning All About Birds. You’ll find bird facts, bird worksheets, and bird crafts. If you’re not already a member of Enchanted Learning, I highly recommend you consider it. It’s worth the $20 a year or whatever it is now that they charge. And no, I’m not an affiliate of the site. 😉

PBS has a great series on birds. This lesson plan in particular covers the anatomy of flight, but it’s part of a broader set of lesson plans that includes a section on bird brains.

This is an interesting lesson on the beaks and feet of birds. To help go along with this, there is also a very informative powerpoint on birds and Ornithology (the study of birds).


Fun Bird Feeders to Make

My kids love to do crafts. If yours are anything like mine, they will love making these fun bird feeders! Once they are made, the whole family can watch the birds native to your area come and enjoy the food you put out. This is a great way to learn about birds.

Another fun activity to do while learning about birds is to go…yep, you guessed it! Bird watching! Go to a local park, or even for a walk down your street (depending on where you live) and see what birds you see. You could even create a scavenger hunt for the kids to find various types or colors of birds.

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