Our Favorite Resource – Our Local Library

It may sound like such a simple thing, but one of the most overlooked free homeschooling resources is the public library. We all realize that we live in a digital world, and we also all realize that the library offers free book borrowing. But do you know all of the features and services your local library offers?

There are many benefits to making regular trips to your public library a routine in your homeschooling schedule. First of all, it will help your child(ren) learn how to research and locate books they either need for a project or want for pleasure reading. Secondly, the library can open your child(ren) to an entire new world! There are travel books, history, fantasy, and every other type of book you can imagine; to your child, however, all of these genres may be new and exciting. On an entirely different spin, it can teach your child responsibility and respect; the books must be cared for, as they don’t belong to your child, and the books must be returned by a certain date.

Benefits of Having a Library Card

I like to think of having a library card as a free ticket to see the world, past and present. I have also recently found out that my local library offers a bunch of great services that I would not normally have access to (simply because of their cost)! I’m outlining some of these services below. I urge you to ask your librarian what benefits they offer their patrons.

Community Classes

Many libraries offer a variety of different skill classes. These can range from software training to computer classes to Yoga or self defense classes. This is a great way to make new friends, polish up your skills or learn new ones, or even get in shape.

Our library even offers seminars with expert speakers, such as gardening experts, political experts and more.

Kids and Teens Events

Many libraries offer fun get-togethers for kids and teens. These may include toddler story time, book clubs, movie showings, and even after school parties. I really love these because it offers kids a safe environment to get together with other kids of the same age – one of the things most people against homeschooling claim our children don’t get enough of!

Typically, there may be more of these events in the summer time once school lets out. Presumably this is to make sure kids have a safe haven for fun; it keeps them from dangerous activities and helps keep them on the “right path”.

Online Services

Perhaps one of the most intriguing discoveries I have recently made about services offered by our local library is the fact that they offer online services. These types of services include access to Ancestry and Heritage Online (both genealogy research sites), online magazine access, educational classes for all grades and for adults, and foreign language classes.

What services are offered by your local library? Be sure to check its website and ask your librarian as well!

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