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College Level Courses for Homeschooled High School Students

Colleges are allowing more and more free courses on the Internet. These can be great resources for high schoolers on the path to college as well as students who are advanced. Honestly, they are great for anyone who is interested in learning new things! I found another great source for free classes. These classes may not be appropriate for young high school students, but older students and/or gifted students may enjoy these classes. Categories include ...

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Learning to Write Checks, Pay Bills and More

High school is a time to prepare your child for the (da da da-da!) “REAL WORLD”. One of the things he will need to know is how to handle his finances; this includes earning money, saving money, paying bills, and balancing a checkbook. Of course, he will also need to know how to write checks, track debit card purchases and use the register. I am working on getting resources in our free homeschooling downloads page ...

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Learn Spanish for Free!

One of the hardest subjects to teach your children is a foreign language, unless you are bilingual. Great programs like Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone cost a lot of money, and who needs more expenses to pay?! Luckily, there are free resources that can help teach vocabulary and grammar in foreign languages. Today, I will show you where you can learn Spanish for free! One site you can check out is Online Free Spanish. You will ...

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Teach Literacy Through Nursery Rhymes

Learning to read and enjoying to read are first learned early in life. I found a site that offers lesson plans and printouts of nursery rhymes to help teach children not only how to read, but to enjoy reading. The site itself actually has a poor design; everything is on the same page, and when you click on one thing, you have to click “Back to top” in order to get back to the menu. ...

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Free Unit Studies

Unit studies are a fun way to study one topic, while incorporating several different subjects. Easy Fun School has a great selection of free unit studies, on topics ranging from states to literature. Under the general subject listing is a long list of unit studies. As far as I can tell, these units are formatted for elementary grades, although some of them can be used for middle schoolers as well. Here is just a partial ...

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