Social Studies Activities

Here are some great resources for social studies. This website is put out by Scott Foresman, a popular publisher of textbooks.

Social studies for kids has a few different resources. The site is aimed at children in elementary school.

free social studies activities

In the Social Studies Library section, you will find a dictionary, an encyclopedia and an almanac. The best part is that the encyclopedia isn’t limited to social studies topics. You’ll find everything you would if you opened up a World Book. It’s the same thing with the Almanac; you can find facts about a wide variety of topics, not only social studies.

The Current Events section is just that: a section on current events. You can find a link to the kid’s “Time” magazine as well as links to current events ordered by year. Oddly enough, you can look at news features all the way back to 2005. You’ll also find feature news as far back as 1900!

The Atlas is wonderful; you can find information on any country, then click down through the map to get smaller, more detailed maps. Under each map you click on, you’ll find facts on the area you’re viewing, as well as links to information on other parts of the site.

Don’t forget to check out the “Today in History”! They provide a number of different historical events that occurred throughout history. You can also view different dates.

The Social Studies Activities section could be called the best section of the site. Here’s where you’ll be able to choose a free book for use in teaching your kids social studies. They will ask you to choose your state; I’m in Texas, so I chose Texas. My book choices from there are:

  • All Together
  • People & Places
  • Communities
  • Texas
  • The United States

The final section is “Meet the People”. Here you’ll find info on US Presidents, women of influence and other fascinating people facts.

All in all, this site is a big winner. I definitely recommend you check it out!