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FREE Bible Lesson Plans – Old Testament

163 Free Bible Lessons for kids

In our family, learning about the Bible is #1. We are always looking for some great lesson plans to help make the Bible more accessible to the kids, and applicable to their everyday life. Today, I found some great FREE (of course) lessons on the Old Testament.

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How to Keep Christ in Christmas

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Christmas HAS become very commercialized…when I think of how the holiday is portrayed in our society today, it reminds me of Jesus’ reaction to the market place being held in the temple. Have we forgotten the REAL reason for the season? We may not be able to control how Christmas is portrayed, but we can teach our children how to ...

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Top 10 Fun Bible Crafts for Kids

It’s hard for our family to do family Bible reading sessions. My younger kids do not enjoy them, they find it “boring”. So, I’ve been looking for more fun ways to get the lessons from the Bible to them…and I’ve found some great Bible crafts and other activities for the kids that will be fun for all of us!

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Free Lapbooks for Preschoolers

I don’t know about your kids, but my preschooler loved to do craft projects. She also enjoyed “interactive” learning, whether it’s one of those “peek” books (you know, the ones where you open a paper flap to see what’s underneath, etc) or something on the computer. Lapbooks satisfy both of these loves, so today I wanted to share some free ...

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Free Bible Curriculum Resources

Building our children’s faith is our responsibility as Christian parents. Teaching them the importance of reading their Bible, praying, and trusting in the Lord are extremely important. Today I have some free resources for implementing a Bible study into your kids’ curriculum!

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