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Free High School Anatomy Course

Biology can be a hard subject to teach, especially for those of us who aren’t science buffs. This course is put on by Berkeley, so would be an advanced high school biology course. All of the lectures for the class are on YouTube, so you can watch them on your smart phone, Xbox Live, tablet, or computer. Talk about versatility!

This is the link: Free Advanced High School Biology Course.

Free Anatomy Course

The course includes 40 video lectures in the region of 45 minutes each, give or take a few minutes. The Title of the class is “Integrative Biology 131”, and it’s taught by Professor Marian Diamond.

If your child is advanced in science, he or she may benefit from this class. The only thing I didn’t like about the course is that there aren’t any notes, worksheets or even a mention of a textbook. It can be difficult to learn such a complex subject from mere videos. However, there are online study tools such as Study Blue.

Here’s the playlist video for the course.

College Level Courses for Homeschooled High School Students

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