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Easy Peasy Homeschool – An Amazing Resource

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool Curriculum

Here’s where I’m about to sound an awful lot like an infomercial. You know, those half hour long commercials that point out all of the difficulties you face in a certain situation, then point out the product that will simply make your life so much easier! Well, Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool is that product for us homeschooling moms.

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FREE Solar System Lessons

Looking for something to supplement your solar system unit? Here’s some activities your kids will love!

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Learn How to Draw Birds (and MORE) for FREE (FREE e-book download)

Are you studying birds? This e-book is a great addition to a bird unit study. It will teach kids how to draw birds, but that’s not all. You’ll also learn about bird anatomy, their skeleton and how their feathers help with flight. Using an art lesson to “disguise” a lesson on birds is a great way to make learning more ...

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Studying Insects? Here are Some FREE Insect Lesson Plans for First Graders!

FREE insect lesson plans for first graders

Is your first grader studying insects? Then today’s post is for you! There are some great resources for learning all about bugs, but today I’m focusing on a specific set of FREE lesson plans on insects for first graders. Don’t miss out on these freebies! Insects are fun to study, especially if you’re able to get hands on! Kids in ...

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Get Your FREE Physical Science Lesson Plans

Free physical science lesson plan downloads

Lesson plans are a great way to make learning fun AND productive! I found these great physical science lesson plans for you today that you can download for free! You can’t beat free! Check them out, and see if there is anything here that you can use. FREE Physical Science Lesson Plan Downloads The one downside is that these lesson ...

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Free Solar System Lesson Plans

My younger children are learning about the solar system. We are doing lots of fun activities to learn more about our planet and the other ones in our galaxy. Here are the activities we have done.

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Free 6th Grade Curriculum

I have a daughter who is just starting middle school this year. While we don’t necessarily have an actual schedule we use for her (because of her learning style), I did want to share what we are using. All of the resources are free, and you can easily create a schedule that will work for you.

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Planning the High School Years – Part 5

If you’ve been following along with the Planning the High School Years series, you know that we’ve already covered creating a list of planned courses, keeping a transcript, and creating a high school portfolio. You’ve also gotten some great resources for free English and Algebra courses. In this post, as promised, you’ll get some great resources for free science and ...

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Free Tornado Lesson Plan Resources

In light of the terrible tornadoes that have affected North Texas & Moore, Oklahoma, my kids have been asking a lot of questions about tornadoes; especially since we got nailed with the same storm that caused those tornadoes. As a result, I am planning a tornado unit study to do with them this week. The resources I’m using are below; ...

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Elementary & Middle School Science Experiments

Science can sometimes be a boring subject, especially when it’s taught through reading dry textbooks. Make it fun by doing science experiments with your kids! In a classroom setting, science experiments are structured by textbook directions and specific equipment that may not be available to homeschoolers. We, as parents, may not have the knowledge or creativity to come up with ...

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Free Science Videos

Science can be a tricky subject to teach. Much of it is hands on, and simply reading about it doesn’t allow the child to fully grasp the material. Videos can help a lot when it comes to science. The hardest part is finding videos that don’t spout off the evolution theory as fact instead of what it is: a theory. ...

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