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Learn Spanish for FREE!

Foreign language can be a hard topic to teach as a homeschooling mom. How many languages do you speak? I only know a little French, even less Spanish and only a few words in other languages. Not exactly the best source of linguistics! Here in Texas, speaking Spanish is an extremely useful asset. But how do we teach it?

Of course, we can always find co-op classes to teach our kids Spanish. Unfortunately, here in Texas, the term “co-op” does not mean what it does in other states, and they tend to be very expensive (especially when you have multiple kids to pay for!)

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FREE Resources for Learning Spanish

Because I’m not a bilingual person, nor do I have a lot of money, I have to find free resources for most everything I do. If you can, I HIGHLY recommend Rosetta Stone, as it is the best learning software I’ve ever used. If that’s too much, then Pimsleur Spanish Program is an excellent option as well. But, barring that, there are a few free sites to learn how to speak Spanish.

The first source is the BBC languages, specifically the Spanish section. You can enjoy a drama show with translations of each episode. Enter your email to receive reminders to complete the course in 12 weeks. There are also printouts and suggestions on how to best implement the lessons.

Simply enough, All Free Spanish offers free lessons in Spanish. I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but the first few have been very simple and easy to understand. I think most kids will understand the lessons, but it may not be suitable for very small children.

123 Teach Me is another site that offers Spanish lessons for free. This could be one of my favorites; they have videos, lessons, worksheets, and more. You have got to check this site out!

FREE Apps to Learn Spanish

I also have a few apps on my phone that can teach you a language fairly simply. I use Duolingo, which I absolutely love. It’s really a great app. Duolingo is not limited to Spanish; you can also learn French, German, Portugese, or Italian.

There are many other apps out there, but most are trials that still require you to make a substantial purchase to get anything more than a basic beginner’s lesson.

What resources do you use to teach Spanish to your kids?

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