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My Kids Hated History…and Then I Tried This!

I’m the type of person that loves learning, no matter what it is. Well, let me qualify that…I don’t like a lot of science topics…but other than that, learning is something I love. With that said, I do understand that my children are not going to be just like me and there will be some subjects they just don’t enjoy. ...

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FREE Vikings Lapbook

Are you studying vikings? If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE fun craft time! Help make the learning fun in your Vikings unit with this FREE Vikings lapbook!

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FREE Lesson Plan – Write Like the Mayans!

Yet another way to teach ancient history the fun way! Today’s FREE lesson plan features art activities that use Mayan heiroglyphs. Your kids can enjoy some “secret code” projects, all while learning more about this ancient society! Learning About the Mayans Through Hieroglyphs One of the things I remember about my Ancient Civilizations lessons in school were the hieroglyphs; not ...

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FREE Online Resources for Learning United States History

FREE Online History Resources

American History is a fascinating subject. Sadly, textbooks for United States history can be incredibly expensive. How would you like some FREE resources for teaching history to your kids? You’ve come to the right place! Learn United States History for FREE The first resource I would recommend is Guest Hollow. Their history curriculum was made by a mom just like ...

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FREE MLK Jr. Lapbook!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Here’s something that you can use to teach your kids all about MLK Jr.

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Planning the High School Years – Part 5

If you’ve been following along with the Planning the High School Years series, you know that we’ve already covered creating a list of planned courses, keeping a transcript, and creating a high school portfolio. You’ve also gotten some great resources for free English and Algebra courses. In this post, as promised, you’ll get some great resources for free science and ...

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Free Lesson Plan: Texas History – Texas Native Americans

We are starting a unit on Texas history this week. To begin with, we will be learning about the original Native Americans that made Texas their home. Today, I am sharing our initial lesson plan with you.

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