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FREE Algebra Lesson Plans

Sometimes Algebra can be a little tricky, especially if you aren’t good with math, or simply don’t like math. In these cases, it’s nice to have someone else do the teaching of difficult topics. Check out these FREE Algebra lesson plans I found for you today!

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FREE Multiplication Worksheets

FREE multiplication worksheets to download and print

Looking for some practice worksheets for your student? Here are some great downloadable worksheets to help your kids practice their multiplication skills. 🙂

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FREE Tools to Teach Telling Time

FREE resources for teaching kids to tell time

It’s time to teach my first grader how to read a clock…and I’ve found some really cool tools to use! Read on for some fun stuff that will make learning to tell time fun for any child.

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FREE Addition Worksheets

Free early addition worksheets

We’ve added some new worksheets! Check out our downloads page to download them today! There are 2 new worksheets available on our downloads page. They are both for beginning math students, with single digits all the way through. No answer is greater than 9, and the addends are also single digits. Looking for a worksheet we don’t have yet? Let ...

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Free 6th Grade Curriculum

I have a daughter who is just starting middle school this year. While we don’t necessarily have an actual schedule we use for her (because of her learning style), I did want to share what we are using. All of the resources are free, and you can easily create a schedule that will work for you.

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Planning the High School Years – Part 4

If you’ve been following along with the Planning the High School Years series, you know that we’ve already covered creating a list of planned courses, keeping a transcript, and creating a high school portfolio. In this section of the series, I’ll be providing you with a variety of resources to use for each course subject. This post got long really ...

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Learning to Write Checks, Pay Bills and More

High school is a time to prepare your child for the (da da da-da!) “REAL WORLD”. One of the things he will need to know is how to handle his finances; this includes earning money, saving money, paying bills, and balancing a checkbook. Of course, he will also need to know how to write checks, track debit card purchases and ...

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Free Math Worksheets that are Perfect for Math Practice

FREE Math Worksheets Worksheets are perhaps one of the most popular ways to have children practice skills. One of the best sites I have found for free math worksheets is Math Drills. They have everything you can imagine, from addition & subtraction to decimals, fractions and basic geometry. This site has it all…from addition & subtraction to fractions, decimals and ...

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