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College Level Courses for Homeschooled High School Students

Colleges are allowing more and more free courses on the Internet. These can be great resources for high schoolers on the path to college as well as students who are advanced. Honestly, they are great for anyone who is interested in learning new things!

I found another great source for free classes. These classes may not be appropriate for young high school students, but older students and/or gifted students may enjoy these classes. Categories include the following:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Healthcare, Medicine & Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics, Finance & Business
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Society, Networks & Information

You do have to sign up for these classes, but they include video lectures for each class, assignments and, in some cases, free texts. I have signed up for a few different courses! They are on a time schedule; one class that I’ve signed up for starts in August this fall (and it’s through Princeton!).

Obviously, you won’t get a certificate or report card for taking any of these free courses; however, Coursera can keep a record of the classes you take and your assessment scores, then verify those scores with third parties. I would think this would be perfect for those who need to “bone up” on some skills for a job!

If you have taken courses through Coursera, please share your experiences below!