Top 10 Fun Bible Crafts for Kids

It’s hard for our family to do family Bible reading sessions. My younger kids do not enjoy them, they find it “boring”. So, I’ve been looking for more fun ways to get the lessons from the Bible to them…and I’ve found some great Bible crafts and other activities for the kids that will be fun for all of us!

My Top 10 Bible Crafts for Kids

I found an interesting way of teaching kids Bible lessons…meet “Drawing the Bible”, brought to us by Future Flying Saucers. I love these, because you get crafts AND lessons! Drawing the images as you learn the stories really helps keep the kids engaged.

Truth for Kids has a great list of free bible crafts. You’ll find a model of the tabernacle, a fan depicting the 10 Egyptian plagues, sandals listing the 12 disciples, a Love of God spiral, crafts illustrating the Holy Spirit and more! These aren’t your regular coloring pages, these are actual activities that your children will love doing.

Next on my list is Danielle’s place. If you’re looking for some fun and free Bible craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place! From stick puppets of Biblical characters to bulletin board sets, this site has it all. These would be great for either VBS or Sunday school! While you’re there, be sure to look at her other pages to see more craft ideas for different occasions.

I must say that I am continually surprised with all of these sites, because there are always NEW and DIFFERENT craft ideas on these sites. Many times when I’m looking for free resources, I see items repeated over many different websites. This hasn’t been the case in my research for free Bible crafts, though. It’s kind of refreshing! That just means that there is such a large selection of crafts that no one will be bored doing the same things all the time. 🙂

I also like DLTK’s selection of Bible crafts for kids. Theirs are broken into a few different categories: Angels, Animals in the Bible, General, New Testament and Old Testament. There are a great selection of toilet paper roll crafts; my children always love doing these! Don’t miss the “Books of the Bible Wreath”. It’s a winner.

Here’s an entire blog full of Bible Crafts that your kids will love! You’ll get lost for hours on Crafting the Word of God. The posts offer great ideas, and the templates to make each craft. I can’t say enough good things about this site; a lot of work went into making these templates!

5733X: The Big Book of Bible Crafts--Ages 3 to 12 The Big Book of Bible Crafts–Ages 3 to 12

Peter’s boat bookmark, Noah’s flood mud mat, “Jesus is Born” stained-gladd picture, and New Life butterfly – these are just some of the timeless crafts in this best-selling Children’s Ministry craft book. Packed with hands-on activities, this easy-to-use resource is perfect for homeschool, Sunday school, or VBS. You’ll find 100 projects related to Bible stories, characters, or principles—divided according to age and in biblical order—with supply lists, instructions, enrichment ideas, and teacher tips. Ages 3 to 12. 160 perforated reproducible pages, softcover from Gospel Light.

MSSS Crafts has a large and varied selection of Bible Crafts for kids. You’ll find creation dice (this one sounds fun!), Christmas ideas, baskets, collages, and more. Don’t miss the crafts to help the kids learn their memory verses! And the Biblical buildings…There’s so many neat craft ideas on this site.

The next site I recommend for Bible Crafts for kids is Making Friends. You’ll not only find ideas for your kids, but also theme ideas that can be used for VBS or even Sunday School lessons. I remember when I was a teenager, What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) bracelets, t-shirts and more were very popular. I am very pleased that the Making Friends website has an entire category of WWJD crafts.

Here’s another one of my favorites…Christian Crafts has a wonderful selection of craft ideas that your kids are sure to love. Many of these crafts list specific Bible verses, so you can accompany a lesson with an appropriate project. Some crafts even have a little lesson plan included.

Bible Crafts and Activities has a decent list of Bible crafts on their site. Be sure to browse the entire blog while you’re there, but my favorites are the Old Testament crafts and the New Testament crafts. Some of the categories listed on these pages don’t have craft resources, but I’m hoping the blog is constantly updated with new ideas…

And finally, we come to the Bible crafts at Bible Story Printables. This site offers things like Bible finger puppets, and a variety of crafts organized by holiday. It’s nice to see that they have craft ideas for holidays I’ve never even thought of as Christian or religious at all.

Where do you get your favorite Bible crafts for your kids? Share your links in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my site in your list. I will be adding more crafts on regular basis.

    I also homeschool my boys and have followed your site for a long while.